Baccarat Baccarat shoe lip peek


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The thickness of a shoe's |lip is an important factor in the shoe’s design. If it's, too thick, a subtle peek is possible. The top card can be pushed over the lip and down (F/g|25^! In this position, the top card's index is visible at the table level. To peek the card from here would require a short person, or one sitting back or down in his chair, a shiner, or camera system.

luxuriously, many shoes are purposely elevated by design, and they generally rest on a base. It's believed that elevating the shoe makes it easier for the dealer to deal the cards. This is obviously not the case, as dealers seem to be doing fine dealing from the traditional shoe all over the.* world. With todays technology, elevating the shoe, for any reason, is just asking for trouble. :p

iP- For most of these peeks to occur, the top card must be partially dealt. One of the more clever methods for prematurely moving the top card without any discernable movement of the fingers employs an ordinary eraser. The eraser is approximately tne size of a button and shaped similarly. It is secured to the back of a ring, and is-completely hidden from wiew| While resting the hand on the. shoe, the eraser helps push the top card into the' desired position without finger movement.'


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