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Has anyone had consistent profit with this? I know about odd loopholes but is anyone making something you can earn a living from?

I also know about lots of software that costs a fortune but doesn't actually work.


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I wouldn't say I made a living from it, but I have done well at horses. It helps to have insider knowledge on a horses condition and training, but in most cases you wouldnt have that so you need to go on the guide forms.

The odds dont replicate a horses real chance of winning. They are just what other people think. If you follow particular horses and log their performance on types of tracks, you can make a big difference to your bottom line. Its a laborious process though.

You can use a mind betting progression but you need to first pick the winners better than others in the betting pool. Dont be aggressive with progressions and dont expect to win back losses in one race. Or you could only wager a part of your balance to play it safe.