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    Here's an extremely odd, but deceptive, peek. The turns provide cover as the right thumb angles the top card out of the shoe,until one half of it clears the faceplate (Fig. 26). It is then pushed back, but half the card slides on top of the faceplate (Fig. 27). The setup only takes a second, and the right



    The hand hides everything. The third photo shows the concealment, and it looks perfectly normal. Once maneuvered into peek position, the top card can be dealt without hesitation.
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    T he top card off a reflection on his watch clasp! A diabolical peek indeed. This scam netted cheaters about three million dollars in one evening back in the middle 1980s in Atlantic City. Today, many of the better designed dealing shoes have additional ridges inside the faceplate to better protect against these scams—but not always.

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