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Discussion in 'Slots Forum' started by cerebral, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. cerebral

    cerebral Member

    This section is looking bare. Could it be that nobody can beat slots?

    I know a few people that say they can. There aren't many on forums.

    I bought a so called jackpot device once. It was supposed to burst a radio signal to flash the chips inside the slot machine and create a payout. It didn't work. I didn't expect it to work.

    The only method I know every worked on slot machines was called a light wand. It disrupts the coin counting mechanism. It doesnt work anymore but was a very clever idea.

    Is anyone here currently beating slots? I dont suppose anyone would say so if they were but it never hurts to ask.

    I will pay for a legit method that beats slots. It is not an offer for scammers. I wont pay without proper proof.
  2. Mr Falcon

    Mr Falcon Member

    Be realistic here. Facebook acquired oculus for 2 billion. What do you think something worth a pretty penny such as beating a game legitly and comfortably is worth? Intellectual property is not run of the mill scam, hence it should not be worth say 50 bucks a pop. And then there's NDA's to keep proprietary from leaking.

    You just answered your own query, anything worth a damn would be in its best interest to not be divulged especially to the mass. But if you are mark zuckerberg, or even just millionaire investor then, hey, every thing has a price.

    In short, the only ones that benefit are really just the very, very rich buyer/ investor and the seller of that particular ingenuity. Are you either one?
  3. cerebral

    cerebral Member

    The light wand is a light globe on a stick that was probably $10 to make. And it worked.

    No honor amongst thieves. People dont always care about an NDA

    I have money to invest. Not money to lose. If something really has the capability to return my investment and more, then I can afford to make a very large investment. The higher the price, the more solid it needs to be.

    My experience is when someone sells something, it probably doesn't work. It is not always the case. Another thing most people agree is you usually get what you pay for. So I'm not expecting a $100 device to make fortunes.
  4. Mr Falcon

    Mr Falcon Member

    Legitly, as in mathematically. Wand is illegal and cheating. Ingenuity shouldnt really be circulated loosely and easily, but as I said everything has a price. The more you offer the less you'll likely disperse it's method as well.
  5. Mr Falcon

    Mr Falcon Member

    I'm just being hypothetical.
  6. steve

    steve Active Member

    FYI any interference with game outcomes is always illegal. Prediction of game outcomes, if you use something like an electronic device, is illegal in around half of casinos. Legal in others. The light wand is something different and would be illegal everywhere.

    If you want to focus on slots, do research on what triggers jackpots. In some cases they really are "due". In other cases they are random.

    Some slots also simulate authentic reels, in which case you can increase bet size when specific items are more likely to align.

    You need to research each machine to know for sure. I know someone who purchased an actual slot machine to research it. Some machines are set to payout more. Like machines in higher visibility areas. That's a casino management decision. In some countries, there are restrictions on doing something like that.

    Overall you can win with some slots. But unless you get lucky and are in the right jurisdiction with the right laws and machines, it might literally be impossible to profit.
  7. chips

    chips Member

    Does anyone know anyone who says they can beat slots? If yes then how, even if just vaguely, did they say its done?
  8. chips

    chips Member

    What are your sources for this? Do you know as a fact or hearsay?

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