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    Announcing the Blackjack Review Network
    historical event and quotation database.​

    Every day that you visit the Blackjack Review Network web site you are greeted with a historical event and/or quote of the day.

    My goal is to have a relevant event and/or quote for each day of the year. Relevant means the event or quote should be blackjack or gambling related or support our motto “Gaining an edge in cards and life!

    Review our two databases:

    … and tell me what you think. Suggestions for new events and quotes are always welcome.

    Events should have an “exact” date (month, day, year) associated with them. Also, if possible, tell me the source of this fact. Ideas include:

    • Births and deaths of notable figures
    • Casino openings and closings
    • Legal events and gambling laws
    • Article and book publishing dates
    • Big team losses or wins
    • Casino heists
    • Blackjack tournaments
    • Barrings
    • Interviews
    • Awards
    • Website start dates
    • Blackjack Ball events

    To make a suggestion, reply to this post or leave comment here.

    Michael Dalton
    Blackjack Review Network

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