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Discussion in 'Roulette Forum' started by SpinCat, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. SpinCat

    SpinCat Trusted Member

    The point is: they aren't just lying to you about the globe earth - they are lying to you about just about every god damn thing.

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  2. Really

    Really Member

    Yes, the forum over there is full of retards, so why keep going there?
  3. Deadpool

    Deadpool Member

    I have to agree with you but the same retards are at most forums
  4. Deadpool

    Deadpool Member

    I read some of the comments from people like Rona on gf. Others too. Just completely clueless. About some of what you said. Why do you waste the time? Some of these people are dumb as they get. I don't know what it is about gambling forums. These people are everywhere.

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