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The format in minibaccarat is similar to blackjack, so given the right conditions, capping, pinching, and past posting are always possibilities. It often depends on the layout design and how far the players have to reach, the; guts of the cheaters, the ability of the dealer, and, of course, the key role of the turns. A cheater on first base may attempt to cap a winning bet as the dealer begins the settlement stage on the other side. This usually occurs on the players side as the betting spaces are closer to the player. A cheater may also routinely sit out a hand, and get the dealer conditioned to this playing style, and then, as the dealer begins the settlement stage, the cheater past posts the winning side.

Depending on the conditions, you may run'into a player moving a losing bet to the winning side. In one case, a cheater turned his hand pdlm up with cash and slid a losing bet from the players side to the bankers side with his wristwatch. In another scam, a player capped a winning bet as he came in with a $5 toke for the dealer, this giving him a natural reason to reach over his bet.

In big table baccarat, the player wiHtoc^ipnallv'.bet late, or switch sides, after the first card is dealt. If it appears that the players last minute-action is,genuine, its not uncommon for the dealers and supervisors to tolerate the late bet as a'courtesy-^^learly^a dangerous practice. Scams have surfaced where the first card dealt was flashed tojjagents and thenSignaled to the takeoff man who makes the appropriate bet o^switches sidpiffid

Scams with the commission are another possibility. ]Sirice]we count and total the commissions for all winnning bets on the bankers side, a dealer working with an agent could reduce the legitimately owed commission each time a winning bank bet is paid and the juice recalculated^By the end of the shoe, the loss could be significant.

Due to a very famous scam in SouthfAfnca, tlwcnip cup is often'/associated with baccarat| Since it has just as much application in other 'c^ino^gam^Kwe have chosen to discuss it as a separate topic (see Chip Cup in“LJniversal Scams").