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I went on tilt today for the first time in a very long time (well probably over two months). I started off my session at $1/$2 limit with some big losses right off the bat. I got down very early and never got back up. I stayed between being down $20 to $25 for a long while, but then a few losses pushed me off the edge.

I went on tilt and did the stupid things that people do on tilt. I finally left after a pretty big loss where I had a straight and flush draw and was betting with it (not too smart), but missed it completely. I had already realized I was on tilt and should have been able to control it. Maybe it was worth the money lost to learn the lesson and get tilt out of my body for hopefully a long while.

Luckily, I did realize I had to leave and get a coffee somewhere. I told myself if I lost $40, I would leave, and I stuck to this. I left down $46 after a 200 minute session. It sucked, but hopefully I will learn something from it. One thing I did realize while I was on tilt was that I could steal a lot more pots (usually preflop) with sheer aggression.

I stole hands with raises from all over the place, not just steal position. I think a lot of my sessions have been lacking the many small pot steals. I probably won’t try this, but I did realize that it worked on a number of times (though it probably hurt me more times than helped after the few times I was caught).

Too bad this session came because I had been on a slight roll. I had won about $50 straight since my last big losing session of -$92. Well, I’m knocked down back to square one. I think I’ll be taking a break for a few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to not play until Friday. I need the break, and I hope I’ll have the self-control to not play (because I’m always tempted to play when I don’t have much to do).

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