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Look at these fkin muppets....adding a second onto world time because the rotation of the earth slows..... just to cover up the fact that the earths flat
Everything is just a game... next time you in a restaurant watch the reaction of the waiter's face when you ask him "you could have brought the bread before the main course"... he will go into an evil chuckle... muahahahahaha! Again, you will figure out human behaviour and how the world works by the time you reach your deathbed, but first you will experience tougher times, the death of relatives, betrayals, and land grabs. And one day you will admit my warning to you was something you should have taken heed of: you guys have all been taken for a ride. By then it will be too late to regret a wasted life. So here's my last warning to you all... all money is created out of thin air by the elite, and they do not have to labour for it... the one dollar bill has the Jesuit symbol on it to tell you who is in control - the same symbol you find in practically every Hollywood movie by celebrities who are living shorter lives than WWF wrestlers! Talk about showbiz... did you know that the first Nazi office was located in 59 Broadway, Manhattan, USA before their HQ moved to a purpose built building in Germany. You know that Henry Ford financed all engines in Nazi ground vehicles? The western industrialists built the Nazi war machine, which led to the concentration camp industry that the media was fully aware of yet did not report. Every concentration camp has a double barb-wired fence, a watchtower and a railroad, otherwise it can't be called a concentration camp. Those railroads in all concentration camps, including at auschwitz, all came by way of the US of A. And once they had killed off all the Jews, using poisonous gas made in USA and exported to new Nazi territory, they then founded Israel in 1948! Guys, if you've still not figured it out, just take a look at the clothing worn for portraits of all royal families from around the globe in the past 500 years - even the rulers of Russia... they all donned clothing with Vatican symbolism. The Vatican has controlled the known world for the past 2,000 years - and their Jesuit military arm is what completed their globalization of the (flat) earth in the last 500. It's no a brainer... every movie of the 1930s and 1940s tells you the reality of World War 2, including those by Alfred Hitchcock. There's more than 300 movies and cartoons that tell us about 911. For the last time you guys need to wake up... you haven't got a bloody clue that you are all dealing with psychopaths. And there's less than 1/50 people out there who are honest and decent. You are all part of a psychological game and yet you do not know it - nor have the foggiest - even when you are being tipped off about it. Don't wait to learn the hard way - do some bloody research into what I am telling ya'll.

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